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If you ask your Senior, he/she will probably tell you the pain that not using * implies. Add a new field to the table, and search for every single query that might need it. Call to a method of your object, just to discover that this method depends (directly or indirectly) on fields you don't retrieved. And it goes and goes... it's a permanent maintenance hell, don't do it.

The good solution for this case is to prepare the code for work with or without this field; and the good enough for many cases (depending on how critical are the affected requests) is to be ready to trigger the deploy as soon as the migration is completed, accepting that some errors will be triggered in the meantime.

Take also into consideration that using * may save you problems when you add a new field (at a huge cost, as explained), but then you'll find yourself renaming or removing fields... and in those cases, your field lists not only will not save the pain of the deploy, but also add an extra pain to the code changes.

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