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Saša Ivičević
Saša Ivičević

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PrimeTek and FIYU Collaboration - Interview with Cagatay Civivi & Saša Ivičević

In this video, the collaboration between PrimeTek Informatic and Serengeti is presented, offering insights into their partnership and how they enhance user experience and accelerate application development together. The discussion is led by Lucija Babić, with guests Cagatay Civici from PrimeTek, a Java Champion and the mastermind behind widely-used UI component libraries, and Saša Ivičević, Director of Software Engineering at Serengeti and Development Manager of FIYU - a rapid application development platform.

The conversation covers introductions of Saša and Cagatay, Saša's overview of FIYU, and Cagatay's insights into PrimeTek. They discuss the key challenges addressed in UI development, emphasizing the need for speed, community support, and a tool that accelerates development.

Saša explains the choice of PrimeNG, highlighting its speed and customization options, while Cagatay elaborates on the flexibility and benefits of PrimeTek's UI libraries for developers using different tech stacks like Angular, React, or Vue.js.

The integration of PrimeNG into FIYU is discussed by Saša, emphasizing how it improves the overall developer experience by enabling easy inclusion of components and themes in forms.

The video concludes with a discussion about upcoming developments and features that the developer community can look forward to.
The collaboration between PrimeTek and Serengeti showcases how a passion for technology and innovation can revolutionize application development and UI solutions.

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