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The Branches of Fivnex

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・1 min read

The current branches are ones we actively work on with products released. The In-Progress branches are ones we actively work on but with no products released. Planned Development branches of Fivnex are branches we do not actively work on with no products but are in our bucket list. We share this for transparency.


Fivnex: Linux

This is our Linux development, projects like UPM and Ubuntu Lumina are placed here. The current projects of Fivnex: Linux

  • UPM
  • Ubuntu Lumina Remix

Fivnex: Dev

This is the branch we keep software we do not actively keep to one platform and are meant for developers in specific. The current Fivnex: Dev products/projects

  • MEML


Fivnex: Media

Videos of all lengths, music, and graphical design. Work is in progress on 1 private project.


  • Fivnex: BSD
  • Fivnex: Mobile
  • Fivnex: MiAp
  • Fivnex: Hosting

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