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How Ubuntu Lumina Remix Will Deal With The Snap Problem

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・1 min read

After recent discussions, reflections, and even a Twitter poll, Ubuntu Lumina Remix's developers have decided a solution to the Snap problem. For those unaware, Snap - also known as Snapcraft, Snappy, Snapd, and other names - is a product by Canonical Ltd, for use with package management on Linux. Canonical, which owns many other products of the likes of Ubuntu, in which they enforce Snap packages for several applications. Canonical Ltd has made their reasoning for Snap packages, and why some apps will install as Snap without notification. Ubuntu Lumina Remix will still be adding an extra layer of decision. This extra layer of choice is the current plan, but the chances of Ubuntu Lumina following in the actions of Linux Mint 20 is still on the table and in discussion for 21.04. Hopefully, by 20.04.2 and 20.10, we will implement our current plan.

The current plan is to push a configuration option that will ask if you want to continue installing a package that is not a Deb. While we are not 100% against Snaps, there are security, privacy, and uploading issues associated with Snap. Since many apps on Snap are not known to be packaged on Snap by multiple corporations, we are cautious with the Snap package system. We will be dealing with the problem by adding an extra layer of option.

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Karan Gandhi

Hey Kai , I would like to see how your team will handle snaps. :) .

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Primož Ajdišek

Also pleqse elaborate what are those issuea

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Primož Ajdišek • Edited

Dear god another distribution trying to make good pr by jumping on snap and canonical hate train and guesa what another one being ubuntu based and heavily using ubuntu infrastructure