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Fivnex Weekly Progress Report (June 30th)

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・2 min read

This week has been a long week of development, but short of progress. Since the last progress report, Fivnex has done the following.

  • Fivnex has new branding material, which will be used in future media (images/video)/
  • Ubuntu Lumina has struggled in development, the release has been slowed by the inability of testing along-side issues with GnuPG and APT sources.
  • MEML has released into public beta with minimal functionality.
  • Fivnex gained a co-owner.

Branding Material

Currently, a video that would be placed either at the beginning or end of a video has been made, but the video will be used. No platform for video hosting has been selected.

Struggling on Ubuntu Lumina

As of writing, we just discovered a possible issue. An "InRelease" item is not working in Ubuntu Lumina's ISO development. A solution is appearing soon.

Error message:

E: The repository ' focal InRelease' is not signed.

An investigation is in-suite.

MEML Public Beta

MEML is our Markup language replacement to HTML.


    (charset "UTF-8")
    (viewport 1)
    (title "testing meml"))
    (p "working test of MEML"))


<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta charset=UTF-8></meta><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"></meta><title>testing meml</title></head><body><p>working test of MEML</p></body></html>

A lot of promised features still do not work, but this is the 0.0.1 release. MEML is released under the AGPLv3 License

New Co-Owner and Discord Community

The co-owner is known as Pwneyy, and they are now a co-owner of Fivnex. Pwneyy helps with some self-hosting and Discord moderation at the most at the moment, but they are helping.

Current Struggles of Fivnex

Fivnex is struggling on hardware, most of the work is done on hardware that either is so low in spec it is not even able to run Chrome browser, or a server we do not own but have been permitted to borrow. A goal is to afford a System76 Lemur Pro, other than that we are working on getting better hardware to make better products.

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