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Fivnex Weekly Progress Report (Jun 22)

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・2 min read

This week was be shorter than what the rest will be, as Fivnex founded on June 17th, which was less than a week ago.

This Week's To-Do List

  • Website Development
    • Main Page
    • MEML Page
    • UPM Page
  • Develop MEML
  • Develop UPM
  • Develop Ubuntu Lumina

Success and failure

Success Failure
Main Page UPM Page
Develop MEML MEML Page
Develop Ubuntu Lumina

Develop UPM was not included as it both failed and succeeded. UPM is under Fivnex's control and is in a working state, so it was not added onto. It has been deemed irrelevant.

MEML Development Continues

As of today, June 22, 2020, the MEML parser is working. It might be inefficient at this time, but the prototype is moving along.

The repository will remain private, however, with 13 commits it is on its way. MEML will be officially licensed under AGPL-3.

Ubuntu Lumina Development Struggles

Due to unexpected errors and setbacks, Ubuntu Lumina is currently struggling to further development. It has also been deemed unreliable until the fixes are working.

In other news, Ubuntu Lumina does now have a custom email address. The new email is "" and will serve as the ground for replies to the project.

Website Releases

Earlier this week (set when we founded our group) we have gotten our website up and running. Most links work, and the webpages for the MEML project and UPM project have both been set and linked. The MEML and UPM pages are not yet developed (fully).

Clarification for Legality

We by no means are an incorporated group, but rather an organized community with no legal status. We are not a corporation, and there are no current plans for that to be so. If, when set up, you donate to Fivnex, you will be donating to Kai Lyons, our lead.

This needs to be stated after a confrontation from people I know personally, who will not be named. Understand we are not incorporated, just a community.

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