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Fivnex Weekly Progress Report (July 7th)

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・1 min read

This week has had some interesting improvements to projects, but not everything has had improvements we need.

  • No progress on UPM or Ubuntu Lumina Remix
  • New contributions to Ubuntu Lumina Remix
  • Fivnex website updated
  • MEML 0.1
  • Ubuntu Lumina Remix featured in next weeks BDLL

New Contributions to ULR

Ubuntu Lumina Remix is getting a couple of contributors who offered to help over on Telegram. They will help push a new ISO, and there might be a new ISO builder in a while.

Fivnex Website Update

Alt Text

Completely custom website.

MEML 0.1

MEML reached 0.1 status. This was achieved in a short code-sprint. Many tags now exist, but there are some issues still within the code that need to be addressed. We will also be re-writing MEML in Common Lisp.


BDLL is short for BigDaddyLinux Live. They have been reviewing many of the other flavors and remixes and Ubuntu Lumina is next. Join the chat on Telegram

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