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Fivnex Weekly Progress Report (July 13th)

kailyons profile image KaiLikesLinux ・2 min read

This weekly progress report is being written moments after meeting with Canonical over this article and to come onto common ground. We are now better understanding and more at peace over the issue. More information will be part of the normal FWPR.

This week Fivnex has:

  • Met with Canonical over our open letter
  • Skipped over Ubuntu Lumina 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu Lumina finding a new ISO mirror
  • Started a new project

Meeting with Canonical

We met this morning to discuss the ad in the MOTD, an issue we wrote an open letter about. We are at a new understanding and it is no longer of major issue to us. We will still be looking for alternative solutions to share with the product management team. They did listen, and they did want to speak, it was a good meeting. Overall many issues I had and the solutions I pitched, in the end, didn't make sense. I did get information, however, that Canonical doesn't make money on the ad overall, so those who said "they are for-profit", while correct, they do not make money from the ad. They use the MOTD to share things they find interesting and topical. While I still am not happy with the arrangement, I am not as upset about it and can live with an understanding.

Ubuntu Lumina skips the 20.04 LTS release

Previously mentioned in this blog post on the Ubuntu Lumina website, due to delays, timing, error count, fixability, and more, we will be skipping the 20.04 LTS release in order to try to release on time for 20.10.

No Ubuntu Lumina ISO mirror!?

This morning I got the news that our ISO mirror is shutting down, at least for a good while. The issue is that their recent AWS costs were too expensive ($100+) which we can respect. We will be working closely with our Torrent mirror to fill the gap.

New project started

We have started a new large-scale project. While it is public, we have no plans for release dates. The project is Rasaturai, which you can find on Twitter and GitHub.

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Primož Ajdišek

Well while this perticular motion doesnt bring any money to canonical we should remember that canonical is for profit company and only started to be profitable without mark shuttleworths investments in last while, and it still is true that profit fuels research and research drives inovation,