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The 3 SEO Copywriting Introduction Hacks I Love Using

I am an SEO intermediate expert with vast knowledge in copywriting, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. I also blog as a hobby.
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As an SEO expert who also enjoys writing, I spend most of my time trying to understand why search engines behave the way they do. I might not know everything related to SEM and copywriting but I can teach you a thing or two about standing out in an otherwise crowded space with a good intro. The following hacks are some of my favorites to-date.

1. Get The Reader Hooked

Did you know that human beings are naturally wired to want to find answers to questions brought to them? Our brains are designed in such a manner that we want to get the whole story. We all want to find closure.

Likewise, you can use this aspect of the human psychology to enhance your SEO copywriting skills. A practical way to do that is by asking questions…questions are typically highly effective at keeping readers hooked until they find answers to them.

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2. Using the Bridge Method

Now this is it. Apart from using questions to keep the readers hooked, another nice thing to do is to help them create mental pictures. Here’s how it works.

You begin by selling them the idea of where they’d like to be. Then just before they get lost in the world of imaginations, you bring them back to the reality i.e. their current situation. But since that would leave them frustrated, you offer them a bridge.

A bridge is basically the solution that you’re selling. It’s the tool that’s meant to help the reader achieve their desired situation.

3. Do The Unexpected

If you remember your English teacher’s advice, chances are that they told you to start slow and build gradually toward a happy ending. While that advice applies in some fields of life, it hardly is effective when it comes to online copywriting.

Remember, you have only got a few seconds to either impress or turn off your readers. And since most online readers don’t make it to the end, you want to avoid saving the juicy stuff for last. Don't do like this pal of mine (his blog)...he's my pal, I'll definitely be helping him out on that soon. :)

You might want to do it like this instead.

Note how I start with the juicy stuff first.

Start with the heart of the story first but do it in such a manner that it keeps the reader wanting to find out more. That way, you’ll have hit two birds with one stone.

For instance, you’ll have grabbed their attention and also ensured that whoever came to your site for the juicy part of the story finds it within the first few seconds. And that way, they can take immediate action e.g. by clicking your call to action button.

There, the author starts by bringing the juicy stuff out first through the Fact File section. At the same time, he provides a CTA button enabling anyone who doesn’t want to read in detail to take action immediately.

This method may sound suicidal but it works quite well in boosting conversions. Of course, you can choose to start out with a summary and offering the detailed stuff a little later.

Final Thoughts

As I had stated earlier, I may not know everything about copywriting but I can teach you a thing or two about it. It’s a learning curve. Let’s keep sharing our new hacks as we discover them.

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