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Sync Trello Cards with Reminders

fischgeek on July 01, 2019

Trello has recently updated their Reminder system. It works great! Except on mobile. So, I needed a way to receive better alerts from Trello when a... [Read Full]
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EDIT: Can confirm that there's a duplicate shortcut which I attempted to rewrite, but am having some trouble testing; still getting used to Shortcuts and not getting any Reminders out of an action for some reason. Will update if I get it sorted.

Just came across your post after coming to iOS and wanted to say thank you for the Shortcuts! I love using Trello and use it in conjunction with a nifty two-way sync tool called Pomodone. Can't wait to try these out.

I was planning on setting up an old Mac to run AppleScript and accomplish something similar, but this will satiate my need today! I would love if Shortcuts could run like cron jobs, but one can always hope!


I get error with Func MarkTrelloCardComplete. I find out that it's because of baseUrl. But I don't no what to do next :) Maybe it's because of iOS 13 shortcuts.


Can you check the Add Reminders from Trello Cards? it seems to be the same exact shortcut as Add Trello Cards from reminders. Thanks


Interesting. I will certainly do so.


Hi! Thank you for creating this. Are you able to update the shortcut in step 5? The contents are the same as what is in step 3.

Anyone have success in recreating step 5 on their own?

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