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Very cool! What are you using for capturing the IP data? I looked into this once and found I had to pay for API end points if I wanted it public. Just curious.


Hey @fischgeek , thank you for asking. Here is the tech stack:

🌐IP and its location by ipstack.com/
πŸ—ΊοΈMap by Google Map & styled by snazzymaps.com/
πŸ’»Frontend - Vanilla JS & Backend - AWS Lambda

As you said, Most of the IP Geolocation API's do not expose in https in their free plan. So had to come up with AWS Lambda which will invoke the http API and serve the response to the static website in https.

Hopefully, when people love it and we get more hits every day, then we will upgrade to the paid plan and eventually remove the AWS Lambda.


Very cool! Mind if I reach out to you directly for a couple questions?

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