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re: I also use Trello for the same purpose as well! My favorite board is TIL. Each list a month. Each card is a day within a month. I think it’s a g...

That’s a neat idea; might steal it!

I have a board for keeping track of my movies. Lists of own, want, borrowed out and borrowed in. Labels for the formats and custom fields for who has it too. Butler does an auto sort on it alphabetically as well.

My favorite part though is I wrote a utility that looks at the MovieDB API and adds the movie description and poster to the card!

So fun to see someone else doing something similar with Trello!



Interesting idea!

I’ve also written a utility that moves medium’s bookmarks to Trello, where each category(javascript, react, go etc..) is a list and each list has its own posts.

Trello is great!


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