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Discussion on: OOP Overkill

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Jose Luis Romero • Edited on

15 years coding without use OOP hahahah, you code suck in every possible way.. and you just now are interested in known it benefits?
There is a simple explanation, PHP programmer, I have had the bad luck to have team up with your kind (with similar age like you), it took me years and even today when I have to review their code I know they don't get it
I don't even dare to ask your opinion about AOP (scary face)

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adriannull Author

Right, well good for you that you think yourself better than me and most others. For your information i'm not strictly a PHP programmer, i know several languages and i started with C/C++, so i'm familiar with a more strict language. Anyhow, i've got applications running 24/7, exposed to internet, and never had a problem because of my coding choices.
And btw, my post was not strictly about PHP, in fact i actually wrote it's a general trend i see.
You basically wasted your time writing a completely non-constructive reply.