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Be lazy and test your WebSocket APIs with Firecamp

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Most of the developers I've talked to are asking me these common question,

How do you test WebSocket APIs without creating frontend?

In order to write them back, I thought to write one descriptive post where I can explain how you can test your websocket APIs in a matter of seconds.

The following are steps to test WS APIs. I'm taking the example of Bitfinex and it's public WebSocket APIs

Step 1: Enter Server URL
You can enter your server URL as shown in the below image and press the connect button, this will connect the Firecamp client to your server and now Firecamp is ready to receive responses/messages from your server.

Alt Text

Step 2: Send the message to the server
In order to send the message from the client to the server, write your message payload in the message panel (bottom) in JSON or Text as per your server configuration.

Step 3: Receive the message from Server
Now, as per your requested message, you'll receive the messages from the server in realtime and, you can see them in the chat-board like area in Firecamp client.

Step 4: Save this message in the collection so you can test them again in the future
In order to create the message collection, when you send the message to the server press the send and save button at the bottom. now you'll be able to see that collection on the right side.

Isn't it amazing? where you can test WebSocket APIs in a matter of seconds?

Pro tip, you can invite a team member to join in this project, so they can review and collaborate in APIs which you've created.

Happy Testing !!

Firecamp is Protocol Agnostic API testing client which allows developers to test APIs of their choice. With the help of Firecamp, they can test and manage " Rest, WebSocket and GraphQL APIs" within a single app. In addition to that, you can collaborate with your team members as well.

Discussion (3)

maahad767 profile image
Mohammad Abdul Ahad

Can you send headers with Firecamp?

shreya_gr profile image
Shreya Author

Yes.. you can. Firecamp canary brings the capability for sending headers.

Please join the discord server to get the Firecamp canary link -

maahad767 profile image
Mohammad Abdul Ahad

Okay, thank you! Joined(the Lazy Programmer).