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q: how do you start leaning a new language/framework?

firangizg profile image Firangiz Ganbarli ・1 min read

Different people learn in various ways. My intention is not to find the best way to learn it, but rather, have an understanding of which methods people use to start learning.

I, for instance, am a big fan of sticking to a roadmap. However, I almost never can do it.

How do you start learning a new language or framework? Comment down below!

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chacalonchacaloso profile image
Paul Cortes

one of my strategies is create something that present value for my, I like stuffs that make me easy work and think, for example when I learned java I wanted to create a online game of pets, I only learned necessary for creating it the rest knowledge came later, other strategy is learn the fundamental, is always necessary for example one framework Know the propose for was created it, what problem resolved?, is useful for my intent?, it is my manner :)

firangizg profile image
Firangiz Ganbarli Author

nice tips Paul, thanks!

rishitkhandelwal profile image
Rishit Khandelwal

Jus find what you want to do, get a language, learn syntax, do what you want to do, then repeat with/without a new language

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Read the document of the language/framework and start a project with it

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ender minyard

Read a book about it! I think books are underrated among developers.

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Firangiz Ganbarli Author

I do read books, but its kinda not that efficient when trying to learn for a project