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Discussion on: Automate your work with Gulp.js

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I don't agree with this article.
You don't need to be a good Frontend Developer you need Basic Javascript and ES6 experience. I think it is better when you try to show some example code in your article.

And you forgot about Gulp 3 and Gulp 4, it is important to show the difference between Version 3 and 4.

But Gulps power is underestimated, thank you for the article.

Best regards

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Amr Elmohamady Author

What I mean by good front end developer is that you know Js, Es6, sass, pug so Gulp will be useful for you. Also, this blog post is to inform people that there's something called Gulp to automate their tasks so they search for it and take courses to learn Gulp.
THANKS for your constructive criticism 😍