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My project got 10 stars on GitHub:

GitHub logo filips123 / ZeroTemplate

Template for creating and developing ZeroNet sites

ZeroNet Template

Template for creating and developing ZeroNet sites.


This project provides a template for creating and developing ZeroNet sites.

It supports NPM dependencies and it uses Gulp and Browserify for bundling scripts. It also supports SASS and automatic deployments with Travis CI.



You must have Git and Node.js installed on your computer. It is recommended that use the latest versions.

It is also recommended to also install Python and ZeroNet for easier developing and deploying. Currently, only Python 2.7 is supported but Python 3 version of ZeroNet is in development.


If you don't already have your own ZeroNet site, you should create it from ZeroNet. Details are available in ZeroNet documentation. You must have a site's address and a private key.

You can then clone or fork this repository and install dependencies. It already contains an example site and code with ZeroFrame API

And I created (my first) post about it:


Heyoo! Busy week right there. Nice accomplishments!

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