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Discussion on: Angular 9: Lazy Loading Components

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Filippo Gualandi

Thank you for the suggestion, I had already checked which looks similar. Unfortunately, the declarative option in NGX Dynamic is deprecated.

To give you a bit more context on my "experiments": I am developing an app that needs to be customized by delivery teams. Customization will mostly be view changes. My idea is to put the biggest part of the code in an external npm module (so that updates/fixes are released via npm), then if the delivery team wants to change some component, they can simply load another component with the same selector.

Since delivery teams are usually composed of junior devs, I would really like to give them a view markup that is as "standard" as possible, hence my hope to do something like this (deprecated in NGX Dynamic):
<ng-template selector="my-component" [input]="myInput" (output)="myOutput()">

Anyway, I will probably end up putting the HTML views in the distributed code, not on npm, but dynamic component loading is a very interesting topic for me :)

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Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

Did you consider letting them pass in templates and rendering them using ngTemplateOutlet?