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Hey, I am an IT Expert and IT Delivery Manager at Andersen

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React Interview Questions

very good!!!

10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn't Know

well written article, everything is clear and to the point, k...

I landed my first dev job after 6 months of building projects. Here's my story!

this is a very interesting and instructive story!

Continuing the Mid Life Coding Journey

wonderful job

Bootstrap 5 Multi Range Slider

wonderful job!

15 Advanced CSS Techniques To Master In 2021

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

Ruby and computer science: a self-learning curriculum

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

They...just...won't...learn πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ - a button is a <button>! [Series: Accessibility Rants]

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

How to Build a Great Developer Portfolio (+ Examples & Tools)

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

Most Asked CSS Questions

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

6 Different Color Properties in CSS that you must know

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

Basics of Creating a Chrome Extension

very useful and interesting article, thank you very much!

Why C++ is the best language to learn Algorithms and Data Structures?

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Authentification OpenID Connect avec Symfony (2/3)

Good job

Reach Your Goals with the CodeNewbie Challenge (#CNC2021) πŸŽ‰


Do certifications help?

Thank you for your work :)

7 ways to implement DTOs in Python and what to keep in mind

Really good article

Everything you need in One Repo


5 CSS Tricks & Tips That You Should Know πŸš€ + Giveaway

Good work!

12 Chrome Extensions I Actually Found Useful

Interesting article :)

Centring the item with two lines of code


I am a construction site worker and I learn Rails

Good luck

Never use a number or currency formatting library again!

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Viral Math Problems: 6 / 2 * (1 + 2)


Extending Angular Material Theme System: Additional Shades

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Hugo: light syntax highlight


Solution: Remove All Adjacent Duplicates in String II

Very good work

I made a SandBox coding app!

Nice article :)

Top 20 Android Games under 25 Mb (Part 2)

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How to name Rails Concerns?

Very interesting work, thank you

Create MS Project converter for .NET 5.0 in 5 steps

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Awesome 40+ SVG Resources For Your Next Web Project πŸ’₯

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Automate Customer Rewards using Python, Postgresql and Africas Talking

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What's the best dev joke or pun you know? πŸ˜‚

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ΒΏ CΓ³mo instalar Neovim en Linux ?

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Game Dev Digest β€”β€ŠIssue #90 - Find Out What's New

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MongoDB Vs. MySQL For Beginners.

It is very interesting to read your works

Implement Repository Base and Unit of Work in C#

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My First Personal Site! πŸ“£

Congratulations ! :)

Mi experiencia trabajando en equipo.

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Random numbers in CSS? Really? πŸŽ²πŸ€”

Thanks for the great article!

Get started with FastAPI JWT authentication – Part 1

Thanks for such an awesome article.

Top 25 Android Games under 25 mb (Part 1)

Thank you for such an awesome selection of apps.

Top 4 Hospital Management Systems in JavaScript to Consider

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Hello everyone

Good luck in the programming world!

Solution: Flatten Nested List Iterator

This is a really good article, thanks.

Bezos' Calculator

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8️⃣ Eight User Experience Resources

Excellent article

Ember 3.26 Released

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Which AWS Certification Should You Take First?

It is very interesting to follow your articles.

Axios PUT Verb

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8 JavaScript Tips & Tricks That No One Teaches πŸš€

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Angular as your first JavaScript framework?

Excellent article, thank you.

UI/UX: How did I get started

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JavaScript detecting which key is pressed

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The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum Development

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So you wanna say C++ is better than Java?

I do not want to put the language out of "top" languages just...

Six Ways to Create Objects in JavaScript

Thank you! It was helpful.

Step up your Regex game

Thanks for the article, it is really useful. But you know, so...

Why are there duplicate subscription emails sent to me?

Hey! They are not the same, but as you mentioned, almost, i g...