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Android App Development Standards

Introduction and Problem

While developing android applications, developers are likely to encounter an unpleasant inconvenience, once their project starts growing, where their project becomes a big mess, where there is no clear naming standard, coding standard, or even project structure standard. Depending on what file a developer is editing, it can have a completely different standard, set of rules, and naming convention, than the other files. This is a direct result of the lack of android app development standards. Once the app becomes large enough, more than even as little for example 20 resource files and around 40 Java classes, it becomes practically impossible to keep the project maintainable and unified across a large number of files.
There are some development standards, there are Java Code Conventions, popular Google Java Style Guide, and AOSP Java code style. However, there is no clear standard set for android app development, so conflicts in file naming and other aspects are present in almost every android project.

Android App Development Standard aims to extend the before said standards (Java Code Conventions, Google Java Style Guide, AOSP Java code style) and define clear rules and conventions, that should be followed to achieve a high-quality and unified android project, no matter its size.


After many days of analyzing problem, I came up with a set of rules that one should follow if they want to make their android app projects readable and maintainable. At the link you can find all the rules and conventions.

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coderdfc profile image

Amazing article, I was just yesterday thinking about how there is no android standard for app development. Amazing work, hopefully people follow this and make their projects more readable.

msleader profile image

Great infos. What about jetpack compose and kotlin language? I think it woud be great to write another article about that too.

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