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Discussion on: 10 Hiring Practices That Will Keep Me From Working for You

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Salli Figler

Very interesting and strong opinion on when you would walk away from a potential employer. When reading your article I felt a strong sense of negativity that I can’t help wonder if it carries with you when you interview. All of these practices can make the candidate feel undervalued. No one wants that, especially when you are looking for a new job. I take a little offense to wanting to keep HR out of the process- we can often keep the process rolling forward or put an end to it when it makes sense based on talking with our Tech Interviewers. Thanks for your thoughts- it is ALWAYS good to hear others points of view and relate it to our own circumstances

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Jacob Herrington (he/him) Author

I'm actually a super positive person 80% of the time. However, I am really picky about who I want to work with, and I feel strongly that tech hiring is broken.

The thing about these hiring practices is that, for me, they indicate that the employer isn't a good fit for my values. Obviously, other people might enjoy working at those companies, but I'm not going to work somewhere I don't like unless I have no other options.

Fortunately for me, the market is in such a position that I have a lot of power when it comes to job opportunities, so I don't have to compromise much.

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Nils Meyer

This is very much a sellers market. Being able to turn down companies that are unsuitable due to their broken hiring process is a huge benefit. You can waste a lot of time being surprised / suckered into an interview with all the anti-patterns because companies and HR people are often not very upfront about their expectations or they very poorly adjust their hiring process to the actual requirements of the job. Part of the issue is of course that people who actually know the requirements of the jobs and what is required from a candidate are often not involved in the process until a very late stage. And too many people just take this sort of mistreatment and see it as the price of admission, much like hazing in fraternities or the military.