Discussion on: What do you think the BEST feature is that dev.to could add?

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Fidel Sanchez-Bueno

I'm a non-native English speaker, and currently, I'm using the Grammarly Chrome extension for grammar checking, I totally recommend it.

In terms of features, I think it would be nice to add a link to the articles that earned a badge, right now you can see your badges (an others) but it would be nice if you could click on a badge and it would redirect you to the specific article that earned you that badge.

I was also taking a quick look at the API, and I was thinking that it would be great to have the option to obtain things like a list of who is following a specific user, and who is that user following.

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Luke Garrigan Author

I'm English and use Grammarly too, I still make mistakes that Grammarly doesn't pick up on 😔 but yeah, I recommend it too!

I'm unsure about the following/follower API — they're hidden in the UI so I suppose they have their reasons for it.