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1: Currently just 3 people are working as software developers.
2: 50 - 100 people work for my company in total.
3: I am working as a professional software developer for around 3 years.
4: I am an android application developer, so currently struggling to decide what to prioritize next (iOS/Multi-platform/Web) as only Android skills doesn't seem to be future-proof for my career.


Hi Fida,

I like John Sonmez's thoughts on specializing in a career path. Becoming a specialist makes you much more valuable than being able to do a little of this and a little of that.

I've specialized all the way down to maintaining and extending legacy PHP web apps for small businesses. This is where I'm an expert. And I wouldn't make as much money (at least at first) if I tried to move to android development for example.

So you might be interested in going deeper instead of wider but it really depends on your circumstances.

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