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Discussion on: Creating an AWS Lambda using python

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Antonio Feregrino Author • Edited on

Please Anthony, would you like to share with me what I "might want to read up on pipenv..."? rather than just coming across as patronizing.

And true, I did not need to use pipenv, however it is a tool, like many, many others; I don't see the issue with doing so... I know Zappa, but is rather convoluted for the simple example I was trying to show here.

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Anthony Bouvier

I'm not sure how that came across as patronizing, but I apologize. I was a big fan of pipenv when it was announced, but it didn't take long to show its rough edges and then when I found out that it was "pretending" to be the official package manager of I decided to stop using it. There are other reasons to avoid it as well; for instance, now with -m venv built into python3, you can really do your entire article almost entirely pure python.

Which is what I was trying to get to. Your article is titled "with pipenv" but really my suggestion is to rewrite it to "with python". You call attention to pipenv in the title as if the article hinges on that one tool, yet you barely use it or talk about it in the article. As a friendly suggestion of course -- it's your article, but that's what comments are for right? Simply by posting it you're soliciting feedback, yeah? Don't take feedback negatively just because things are pointed out.

And lastly, I don't know what you find convoluted about Zappa but that's not why I mentioned it to you. It was a handy piece of advice for you or for someone who reads this article.

Once again no patronizing was intended. Just discussion and pointing out to future readers pipenv was not key to your example, and that Zappa is an alternative to a lot of the manual steps shown here.

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Antonio Feregrino Author

Fair criticism and suggestion. I'll update the title and the code itself to use pure python.