I'm learning how to code and will be blogging about it

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I finally stopped procrastinating on learning (for real) how to code and started doing something about it. For the coming months I’ll be coding every day, at least for 1 hour and also I’ll be blogging about it, why? 2 reasons. One, by writing and sharing about what I’m learning I’ll be able to identify gaps in my new knowledge and improve my learning curve. The second one is accountability. Research says that writing and letting other people know about your goals and what you’re doing makes you 42% more likely to accomplish them.

A bit about myself, I’m a 28-year-old industrial engineer from Santiago, Chile and I’ve been working as a product manager for the past 3 years now, mostly in fintech companies. With coding, I’m not a complete beginner, I’ve taken a few courses before, both online and in college.

After doing some research I came up with a roadmap and how should my path look like:

  1. CS50 (Harvard)
  2. HTML and CSS
  3. JS
  4. SQL (Okay this is a bit of a lie because I already know and use SQL on my job but digging deeper won’t hurt)
  5. Frameworks/Libraries

These are the resources I’m planning to follow. Recommendations are welcome! :)




Stay tuned! I’ll be posting about my progress soon!

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