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It was only called "Ghosting" if you were using Symantec's "Ghost" utility to push your OS images out. There were several other options that people used. That was early days in Windows build-automation. UNIX systems had had a number of options for automated OS-deployments for a couple decades prior to that.

During that era, UNIX systems also had serial console access so you could be in a different timezone from the host you were imaging. Whereas you had to pay $400-$700 to add a third-party remote-console solution if you were stuck managing Windows servers (though, eventually HP/Compaq and Dell started offering RIBs and DRAC, respectively, on their server-systems). Was always so glad to be a Unix SA whenever a system needed to be provisioned or went belly up. Never had to huck down to a datacenter just "get on console" like my Windows Ops peers did.


I think Windows' servers started to be competitive since the releases of 2003.

They started to use automated tools to analyze the code and find antipatterns that use to trigger security flaws.

I guess they focused first in office and other apps, the most visible part the desktop, and the reason why people bought computers.


Thank you! I really wish I had paid closer attention when my mom was telling me things like that

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