re: Which part about your job/studies/etc. gives you the most anxiety? VIEW POST


That so much of my effort is spent doing either of:

  • Fighting fires - usually resultant of someone else's poor implementation or design or failure to adequately understand the underlying technologies they chose to use
  • Writing ARRs and "how tos" (that seemingly nobody reads) to try "educate" people so that they don't cause the aforementioned firefighting

Rather than having time to tackle new problems, create new or improve existing architectures/deployments/strategies.

Building things – particularly ones you can point at, with pride, and demonstrate "here's how you can do in a way that is resilient, scalable and sustainable" – is infinitely more satisfying than playing tech-janitor. Conversely, the inability to partake in enough such positive endeavors causes real "am I stagnating" anxiety.

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