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The efficacy of apps like Waze relies heavily on the number of other Wazers in your commute-region: more users equals more reports equals greater number of re-routing options for the pathing algorithms. Living where I do (Northern VA suburbs of Washington, DC), there's usually better than 5000 other users near me. So, rerouting is generally pretty well optimized.

That said, if you're in IT – especially as a developer, architect, etc. – a great option is tele-commuting. I get so much more done on my work-from-home days – even without factoring in the time-suck that is driving.

If you can't telecommute, see if you can time-shift your job. Around here when you travel can make major differences to how long you're traveling. I work from 0600-1400. My nine-mile commute typically takes about twelve minutes. If I shift that by even a half hour later at either end, the nine-mile commute becomes a half-hour drive (and that's without weather or accident effects).

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