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I used to do the home lab thing - and the home-based hosting thing. Used to have a repurposed VAX cabinet full of old commercial UNIX gear (plenty of Sun servers and workstations, a few SGI systems and even an IBM Power4 system ...plus an IP-based RS232 multiplexer so I could recover broken systems without having to journey down to the basement).

Over time, I noticed that my electric bills had gotten ridiculous and there were getting to be more and more co-location and then virtualization options to take advantage of. Plus, I'd taken a travel job which meant running things from home became problematic if a storm system came through and knocked everything offline. Walking your (non-tech) wife through telnetting to the Portmaster and then performing a system recovery from three timezones away gets old quick!

So, I switched to using VPSes and then services like AWS, DigitalOcean and the like. The savings in electricity more than offset the cost of pay-by-the-minute technologies ...and I have even more to play with.

...But I'm more software oriented than hardware.

P.s. Go Lions; go Flyers/Eagles. ;)

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