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Fun fact: the same things that make a good mentor are the same things that make a good peer.

Eventually, you reach a point(s) in your career where you've outstripped the ability of community forums, Google results, etc. to provide you your answers. You're effectively on your own with forging a given path. So, just having someone you can bounce ideas off of is rather useful.

One of the best things a mentor (or peer) can do is provide a forum for discussing ideas. A place where you can say, "ok, I think I'm missing something blindingly simple, here, can you see what I'm missing" and not have to worry about whether they think you're being an idiot. And a mentor (or peer) doesn't even have to deep expertise in the particulars of what you're seeking assistance with. Mostly, they just need to know how to ask you the right questions so that you figure out the problem yourself.

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