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As usual, I'm decidedly slacking on being optimized. On my work from home days, I work from my couch. My dogs piled up against me. Spotify or Google music streaming to my lower-power, Home-enabled speakers. I tap away on my 3+ year old HP laptop. Crunching away on service deployment-automation.

And, weeks like the most recent ones, where I've been having to actually go into the office to attend to a high-urgency project, I'm reminded why I prefer working from home - even lacking optimizations. It's noisy at the office. The woman diagonal behind-and-right of me seems to only have one volume (LOUD) and screechy (wife called me at work one day, I held my phone way from my head, and upon returning it to my ear, my wife was saying, "that's who you've been complaining about? OMG: I'm so sorry for you"). The woman across the cube-wall to my left apparently only bathes on Friday nights and I can tell whenever she sits down at her cube or walks away by the intrusiveness of the "natural musk" oozing over the wall. Our standardized desktops seem to be different every time I come in: one day I have Firefox, one day I don't (similarly with Chrome and other applications I need) ...and even when present, all of my settings vanish with regularity - inclusive of bookmarks (bonus, GPOs prevent use of profiles/syncing so can't get shit back or use stuff like LastPass). Oh... And the connectivity: there's a few thousand people on our campus and the campus supposedly has a couple 10Gibps connections to the Internet, but by 09:00, it feels like I'm sharing 9600BAUD MODEM. Given that the environment I'm coding for/in is AWS, that slow-down means that making progress is nearly impossible. But, that's ok, when I'm in the office, fires inevitably come up (today, I came in to find a message from the maintainers of our primary yum repository, sent at 16:47 the day previous, notifying that they were changing the access-URLs for the repositories at 15:50 today ...immediately binning my plans for the day as I rushed out new yum repo-def RPMs for the hundreds of systems that were due to be impacted by the change).

It all makes me long to be back home where I can work without interruption — or even meaningful distraction — and over a nice, reliable, 50Mbps FiOS connection. Yeah, mundane, but at least (most days) I can get the shit done I actually had planned for the day.

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