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re: Have tech perks gone too far? VIEW POST

re: As something that fits somewhat into a lot of the qualities you've mentioned, but is simpler in my mind: Will I become a better developer if I tak...

Or, put in less flowery terms, "will this place keep me from getting bored?" When it feels like the opportunity to continue learning has disappeared, that's when I start getting that "need to spiff the resume" itch.

I'm fairly utilitarian and spartan in my outlook. Perks never really made sense to me. Mostly, they've tended to feel more like gimmicks.

To be blunt, I'm a big fan of teleworking. If I have an "ah hah" moment, I want to be able to roll out of bed, stumble down the stairs and bang it out till I've reached a "done" point. Not much beats being able to work from my couch, dogs curled up next to me with tunes cranking at whatever volume seems best at the moment. It trumps pretty much any in-office frills a company might want to offer. If I'm gonna work in an open space, I want it to be my livingroom. =)

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