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re: I agree (from my cursory look at Pulumi); I love the idea of making it more "interactive" than just lots of JSON (YAML would at least be more reada...

Meh... Once you've gotten to the point of parsing JSON in your head, "readable" is relative (though, YAML templates do mean you can sprinkle your templates with comments).

Who is ever going to need to put comments in code? :sarcasm: The biggest gripe I have about current JSON implementation is no provision for inline comments. Infra-as-Code, let me CODE my infra! Not 'infra as data transport format syntax". #amiright?

That's my biggest bitch. Less so for my own sake than as we add people to the team — many of whom are new to CFn's programming constructs. Especially since some of the constructs are fairly limited, sometimes requiring fairly tortuous logic to string together enough intrinsics (etc.) to achieve the desired results.

I've found myself having to write "here's what all this means" walk-throughs for newer staff-members. Comments could fix some of that.

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