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re: Why I wear purple lipstick and code skirts VIEW POST

re: The way you dress or whether or not you choose to wear makeup or anything else should not affect the way others perceive your abilities. With that ...

You can live your life on "shoulds" ...but the outcomes are likely to not be great if you don't also acknowledge reality.

First impressions will always be a thing. That said, assuming your first-impression isn't so off-putting that you don't get the opportunity to perform, you can leave an indelible mark. Sometimes, such a mark can make it easier for those who come later to not have to worry so much about "can I present myself as myself and still feel comfortable".

Overall, it just depends on the price you're willing to pay or even just risk.

Especially in my 20s, I played it close to the edge of acceptability. Fortunately, while some customers owned up to being skeptical of the big, inked, technocolor-haired dude in the cenobite-painted motorcycle jacket walking into their building, they also took it as a statement of self-confidence. One customer at a large financial-services firm even told me, "I figure that, looking like that, you either reeeeeally knew your stuff or I'd be kicking you off-site at the end of the day".


Haha that's a nice way of presenting yourself then. I hadn't given it much thought.

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