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A number of factors at play (at least in the US):

  • First and foremost is that, while there's a lot of buzz around encouraging kids and people in career lulls to learn programming, that's only a very recent phenomena. So, absent other factors, the pool is somewhat youth-weighted to begin with.
  • Several decades worth of waves of recessions, outsourcing and overall realignment of the industry have pummeled senior programmers' careers: experience/seniority tended to equal high-salaries. When times came for cuts - due to economy, general staffing trends, etc., a lot of those high-salaried people were cashiered and never returned
  • Not everyone that programs stays a programmer for any number of reasons (the languages they wrote in fall out of favor; career burnout; more upward-mobility opportunities when not in the trenches; etc.)
  • You can't even begin to understand the rampancy of ageism in the tech field

Couple other factors - some of which boil down to "it depends one where you're looking"; but the ones listed above account for a big chunk.

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