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re: How do you train people to ask good questions VIEW POST

re: "Ask the poser to do her homework before posing a question" The poser searches common resources (err, internet) trying to find an answer to the qu...

Ever answer back with "Click this link and look at third hit" (where "this link" is a LMGTFY link)? I know I tend to be snarky when the questioner has a history of lazy question-asking.


Sure. The above approach gives improvements only if done diligently. So, with new posers, there are lots of "did you search on all the common platforms (e.g., Search engine, SOF, concerned forums)?" questions. Such questions die off in a short time once the poser gets a hang of what to expect in interactions with me. If they don't get it, it is a matter of deciding "do I want to continue helping a lazy poser?"

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