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re: How do you stop the desire to learn too much? VIEW POST


Had to click on this article because that title was way too far into the "the hell you mean 'learn to much'."

From the text-body, it sounds like you may just be a candidate for Adderall. ;)

But, more seriously, ability to focus is one of many skills that you (need to) develop over time. The self-discipline to focus on the task at hand and complete it is critical to many avenues of personal and professional success. Basically, when you're casting about for how to solve the current problem and you find something interesting, if you find something not immediately relevant, bookmark it and revisit it later (or, just leave open the tab containing the thing of interest - why you'll often see techs with 9Mn tabs open in their browsers).


lol yeah I do have millions of tabs opens until my chrome lag in close everything, but yeah I think I'm gonna begun to bookmark articles until I have free time and finish the priority work

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