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If we're talking strictly "outside", the answer would be "not much". Where I live, we seem to mostly have weather that makes "outside" not a great proposition. Winter is cold and rainy. Summer is too humid to want to do much in. Spring and autumn are silly with misery-inducing allergens in the air.

That said, we live near a number of rivers and streams. So, when it's warm enough and the water hasn't been recently junked-up from stormy weather, we like to either take the dogs down to the river to play or throw our kayaks on my wife's car and go find a stream or river to put into.

If we're speaking more broadly (and apart from "errands"), then:

  • Movies - we probably average 15 movies/year at the local multiplex
  • Concerts - we probably take in one to five shows per month (depending who's touring) plus a festival or two each year
  • Go to local wineries

You'll note that I use "we" above. I'm married so, wife has primary control of the social calendar.


Wow!! So much culture!! But the best part is "Go to local wineries", it sounds really good!!


Culture would be if they were to Rust to local wineries.
Go is an affliction.

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