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re: I found this question weird: if you're not what decade are you in? For most single developers with non-commercial projects, a VCS (especially G...

I've never really trusted myself not to cock things up when changing things - be it a program or just an office document I'm working. One of the things I always loved about my early UNIX systems was the availability of light-weight version-control by way of tools like RCS and SCCS. Made reversion to a known-good state dead easy and avoided having a directory that looked like:


Plus, if I made a change that introduced breakage that wasn't immediately evident, being able to look at a change-log meant I could see why I changed a file.

One of the nice things about git is it's about as light-weight as you'd like it to be (wholly local and setup/overhead is just a git init away). Even being easy/lightweight, it's still trivial to grow it onto a remote server if circumstances change.

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