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One of the things to remember about some of the articles that end up here is that they're the result of article mirroring. In my case, anything that I post to my Blogger/BlogSpot tech-blog gets mirrored here. While there are many people that are writing for others to read, there's likely just as many that are writing solely for themselves - others' reading is more a side-effect of search engines finding your open-published page.

For people falling into that latter group, what's important is how readable/memorable an article is to the author an not "some rando". =)

That said, I generally eschew graphics in blog posts (unless there's really, really, really no other way to succinctly convey a concept). Though I am way guilty of making Slack channels look like Geocities had a seizure.


I tend to forget that some people do write for themselves. An interesting point, thanks.

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