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re: Are you referring to contemplation alone, without guidance? Yeah, that could be trouble. But in the long term, contemplation of some sort is the ...

Success with therapy is at least as dependent on the patients' proclivities as the practitioners' skills. Trying to find a compatible therapist - let alone one that can actually prove helpful - can be harder than finding a GP that you can work with. Difference is, if a GP is incompatible, it doesn't tend to exacerbate the underlying problems.

Plus, like medication, seeking out the help of a therapist can close off some avenues of employment (some industries will immediately distrust someone that's actively undergoing or has undergone treatment - whether just talk or prescribed-chemical).

Hopefully people will value their own mental health over the prejudices of a potential employer.

As for a GP not exacerbating underlying problems, that depends on the GP.

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