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re: I work in a digital agency where I can think of at least 5 different employees have full sleeves (and more, one guy has tattoos on his hands as wel...

I've worked in many environments: academic; non-profit; healthcare; banking and finance; state and federal civilian government; military. To be honest, haven't really found that any segment has a consistent sensitivity to the looks of their IT people ...not within the 2000s, at least. The whole "Internet era" kind of changed expectations across the cultural landscape. It's almost expected, at this point, that your top-gun types are going to be "weird". To a degree, you can use that to your advantage ...but part of that degree is being able to deliver. Projecting a certain persona makes a promise your actions need to be able to deliver on. Which is to say, while tattoos and/or piercings (weird haircuts and unnatural hues) won't make getting in the door appreciably harder, in the more cloistered industries, it definitely makes it so getting pushed out the door is also easier.

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