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Been using Unix systems since the late 80s (college) and Linux since 1992. Similarly, I've been making my living on UNIX since the mid 90s (Solaris, Irix, AIX, HP/UX, UNICOS ...at least a dozen more) and almost exclusively Linux for the last ten years (primarily RHEL and CentOS).

To be honest, I still prefer having a Windows for desktop usage, especially with Windows 10 (build 2004). Between free, full virtualization solutions like HyperV (included in Windows 10) and virtual box, thin virtualization solutions like Docker Desktop, features like WSL (the Ubuntu app is nice if I don't feel like firing up HyperV or Docker Desktop) or even third party tools like CygWin, I have all the local development options I need. Plus, Windows 10 added application sandboxing in the 2004 build, so you can run your box pretty damned securely (and, yes, while Linux has long had security sandboxing by way of SELinux, damned few people seem to know about it and even fewer bother with it).

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