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How to Build a Food Delivery App in Flutter?

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The food delivery industry is growing rapidly among millions of people. It is getting extremely convenient for people to order food online.

As a marketplace owner, it is not only necessary to know what your target audience likes on the exterior, but also on the interior. Yes! I meant the tech stack that is used to develop the product.

Why do you ask? Because in the end, your target audience would like your app to be user-friendly and the food delivery experience has to be impeccable. For that, you got to know about Flutter.

What is an On-demand Food Delivery App?

An on-demand food delivery app is used by marketplace owners to collaborate with restaurants, delivery partners, and eaters. Have you heard of UberEats, GrubHub, Seamless, DoorDash? These are the few of the high-performing food delivery apps in the world.

Finding is hard to believe? Let’s talk stats!

Overall the industry has grown 204% in market revenue for the past five years according to the Business of Apps.

The stats in the US particularly says according to Statista, there is an expected growth of 4.30% by the end of 2024.

And the food delivery industry will have a growth rate of 7.4% by the end of 2021.

There are no more explanations as to why this is the right time for you to concentrate on starting a food delivery business.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a trending open-source UI Software Development Kit (SDK) launched by Google. Flutter’s official programming language is called DART. It is essentially a big deal as it is a new technology that hit the market that concentrates on cross-platform development.

The next question you should be asking yourself is why Flutter and not the other technologies. To answer this question...

~ Read through to know Flutter is the Best!

S.NO Flutter Other Technologies
1 Flutter functions as a single code base - which means one code for both Android and iOS Not all other technologies have this major advantage.
2 Flutter’s Hot Reload helps in experimenting with the built UI, fix bugs, and add features. Which means it increases productivity tenfold. The other technologies might not possess Hot Reload while building their apps.
3 Flutter is used to build a highly responsive app with an innovative UI. A responsive app with impeccable UI design cannot be expected from other technologies.
4 Flutter gives the same feel of the apps as developed with the native technologies. Though the feel can be achieved, the flutter overtakes other advantages than the other technologies.
5 Flutter gives an edge as it takes less time to develop and test apps. Other technologies cannot be expected to deliver the same result as Flutter.

Let’s get to know a little about why purchasing a customizable ready-made app is far better than developing a food delivery app in Flutter from scratch.

  1. You can find ready-made apps that fit into your budget - which means it saves so much of the cost of development.

  2. When you purchase a ready-made app, you’ll have access to tech support.

  3. Low maintenance cost is one of the important add-ons to think of. No additional operating costs to think of.

  4. Some developing companies even provide you with the source code when you make a single payment for the build apps.

  5. Ready-made apps are a proven technology, you don't have to worry whether they fit your expectations or not.

These are some of the things that you have to consider when it comes to going for a 100% customizable food delivery app!

Still, waiting? Go buy an app and start your business!

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