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re: Hey Feralamillo! I see this post is a few months old - how has your learning been going? One thing I found was that I learn a ton by teaching t...

Thanks Chris!! I am currently volunteering at Codebar. For a talk maybe a very entry-level would be fine.

Regarding posts, it's in my to-do list for some months already. I have been preparing some articles of small things that have taken time to learn (and therefore can be helpful for others) but I feel I need to improve them before posting. I believe is just a mind thing and at some point, I'll feel they are ready and then I'll start publishing them.


Sounds like you're progressing well then!

If you have the itch to publish them, then I wouldn't worry too much about improving them beyond whatever you've already done :) It can be easy to get stuck in an endless "edit" loop without ever publishing... but at some point it just has to go out! Good luck ;)

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