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Discussion on: How to Pick a Good Monitor for Software Development

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Michael Welford • Edited

Thanks for the article.

I have tried a large number of solutions over the years - starting with dual CRTs up to quad / triple / double panels and the odd vertical one with various arrangements and I have finally settled on a 38UC99 ultrawide. Yes it is expensive but just like beds, chairs, and keyboards, monitors are something that you use a lot, impact your health, and will last quite a while so buy the best one you can. I love this thing so much that I got a matching one at the office. It is also USB-C and powers my laptop so I only have to plug in one cable from the monitor and I am done. The curve, in practice, has little impact on anything as it is so slight. My guess is that LG thought it aesthetically pleasing but whatevs, ymmv.

One thing that an ultrawide will give you (especially of 38 inches) is a lot more freedom around how you arrange things since you have zero bezels cutting through your layout. Personally I have split the space in three columns with column one being the web browser and columns two and three being the terminal / tmux / vim. The terminal is split using tmux into either three or two columns depending on what I am doing. This is my default but when I receive a ridiculous diagram or a huge spreadsheet being able to see the complete document without any bezel splits is glorious.

Regarding window management, which you have mentioned as a concern with large monitors, I am using moom on macOS which let's you save presets (e.g. first third, second two thirds, centred across three fifths etc. ) and also complete layouts (every program gets a default size and position) and bind them to a shortcut. If you are feeling "scripty" then you can always just use hammerspoon and go your hardest with respect to stream-lining / customising management. The upshot being that once you have it setup there isn't any upkeep at all. I seldom touch the mouse to adjust any window.