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A software engineer from Rwanda with the ambitions of developing the world's technology through programming and coding πŸ‘Œ


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Streams in dart

Keep up, this is really cool

Dive deep in flutter widgets πŸ’₯

I'm learning from your posts. Can't wait for another one @dmu...

Get started with flutter πŸ”₯

Great explanation. worth reading.

First post on! Connect with me?

Welcome to the dev community.

Let's Create an FAQ section with HTML and CSS only (Detail tag explained)

Yes, you can add transition effects to your details.

As a developer, I hate ... ?

deadlines for sure😁😁😁.

A brief introduction to Dart

Great article, made me wanna learn flutter.πŸ‘πŸ‘

What is your preferred programming language and why?

I like python because it is simple and easy to write and read...

My Portfolio

Nice work. As an input, you might consider giving the navbar ...

Light and dark mode in just 14 lines of CSS

Unfortunately, setting Ubuntu on dark mode won't set Chrome a...

What do you look for on a team page?

I'm interested in what they've accomplished, as well as what ...

What do you look for on a team page?

I am mostly interested in the founder or CEO of a company; ho...

What do you look for on a team page?

I always look for the number of people on the team. I know it...

What tools/frameworks do you use for styling you web app?

I mostly use vanilla CSS. For frameworks, I like Tailwind CS...

Light and dark mode in just 14 lines of CSS

Sure. If you want different background other than the CSS bui...

Light and dark mode in just 14 lines of CSS

This is cool! Here's how you can do it with one line of CSS a...

Environment Variables in ReactJS.

well, it varies with your production environment. You may co...

Run any React/ Angular/ Vuejs project directly from Github/GitLab without downloading it.

Thanks for sharing, this is also the best extension for #deve...

Environment Variables in ReactJS.

Yes, everything from the environment variables are casted to ...

Environment Variables in ReactJS.

you're welcome.

Clean & Minimal portfolio website

I think those background colors that starts when opening menu...

10 Best JavaScript Animation Libraries πŸ”₯

good resources, thank you ):