What's your Personal Study Roadmap to 2019?

Felippe Regazio on January 11, 2019

Hey, im a front end developer at a company, and full stack developer for passion, and i would like to talk about studies. I dont know if everybody ... [Read Full]
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  • Keep on hacking on Rails (always more to learn)
  • Master React
  • Learn more about ES6, and future JS too
  • Learn more about traditional CS
  • Start doing more developer advocate-type stuff that I enjoy
  • Get better at Disc Golf ;)

I find a roadmap without time scales to be just a list of things.

To hold yourself account put months on it and then concentrate on one each month to achieve progress. :)


you're right. this will define a routine and not only a plan.

  1. Complete at least 2 self-help books.

  2. Complete my Masters

  3. Learn more Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

  4. Marry, lol ;)


Marry haha, nice.

Im very excited about Machine Learning, NLP etc, but i think i have some basic gaps to fill after try something in this field. Really nice, Shan.


That's an ambitious list. Best of luck!

I'm focusing on learning the application of linear algebra to procedural map generation in 2019.


Thank you Ben! think you're following an ambitious path too, haha

Best of luck to you, man

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