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I think that's a thing rarely any developer admits to themselves and yet an area where (most likely) 90% or more of us could and should improve in. I just had to touch partitioning and was way out of my league.

Disclaimer: I mean developers who deal with databases and data storage on a regular basis.


With pain, a lot of pain. Haha kidding.

I always write an experiment version of the task, then i get deep into documentations and foruns, ORMs, tools. But is like study, im doing my best to get the task done and learning something new becomes a plus. Is not something that i get along easily. But is not something that im always doing too, to be honest im always forgetting what i did in this field.

love the POC method. I like to mock something out quickly first as well before I get to heavy in to it.


Think youre right, i think thats a gap that most developers dont admit because you can do a lot even with basic skills. I mean, i can build an app from scratch, up a database, configure it, define the relations, and all those everyday things

But man, dont ask me to optimize the databases, to debug big data, to migrate huge dbs with no pain (is that possible?), to apply rules to increase the response time, to reduce relational complexibility, i must recognize that im not the best person to do it :/


this one is tricky. With ORM's abstracting out the hard work, it's very easy to do what you need to without much thought. I used to be very strong as sql, but now I rely on my tools to do the hard work for me. However it's important to know the solid basics at a minimum.

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