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I made a CSS micro-framework

I was studying semantic HTML and architectures with pure css or scss trying to find a good approach or weakness when writing stylesheets for big projects. If i cant or dont want to use CSS in JS, or if my main style must be global (or is a legacy project)

  • Whats the best way to serve the style and its partials to the application?
  • Talking about Global Identity: Should i style with attributes (classes) or import partials on components
  • How to serve a theme to a componentized application? Vars? Classes? Css Props? Imports?
  • Add themes with SASS vars or using CSS vars? This will harm performance?
  • Prefix or not to prefix? How deeply should i prefix?
  • An application base style must be applied with classes, no-classes, should i use style wrappers?

Etc etc...

I was testing that kind of stuff and styling html native elements a then BANG, ok it looks like a micro-framework. No JS, no classes, just [S]CSS, a wrapper div and the HTML :P

Its not something huge or super incredible, but i think it can be useful (and brought me a lot of learning).


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